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What makes GetTilo unique

GetTilo is the leading stress management tool that offers innovative AI-based and personalised programmes for improved engagement and productivity in your workplace.


Using an AI algorithm GetTilo proffer solutions that address the root cause of stress for each individual through mentoring and wellness activities, generating an enhanced experience during working hours.


GetTilo is always accessible and flexible to use. Integrates well with Google suite and Slack. No need to download any app or visit external platforms to use it.


GetTilo offers a solution that allows everyone in the company to have a specific programme that encompasses individual needs despite role, level or performance, avoiding biases.

How GetTilo works

Initial Assessment

Each team member takes an initial assessment on GetTilo Platform, which helps us understand their user-specific needs and design a personalised program to boost their experience.

Innovative tailored solution

GetTilo creates the right mix of mentoring and 10 minutes wellness sessions focused on helping each user recharge, energise and complete the stress cycle. 

An AI algorithm learns from each participant’s behaviour and proposes new activities every week based on the individuals’ interaction with the platform.

Each participant can see the energy recharge details directly on the extension panel.

Extra support

Users can get extra support including more sessions, and mentoring by chatting with Tilo assistant. 

Our integrations

GetTilo integrates seamlessly with the tools people spend the most time in at work

Chrome extension

GetTilo’s micro rest sessions are posted directly on each user calendar, thanks to our Google calendar extensions. 

This integration also allows users to easily access and interact with GetTilo from their calendars without remembering extra logins or passwords. 

Slack app

Our Slack app allows users to access mentoring and receive weekly recommendations.

Through our slack app, users can also access Tilo assistant and request extra support. 

What users say?

GetTilo’s bite-sized meditations and yoga sessions are the perfect match for my busy routine. The sessions fit in between meetings and give my mind and body a much-needed break and the opportunity to recharge. Ever since I started with the sessions, I feel I’m more equipped to manage my stress through the day, reaching the evenings with more energy.
I usually forget to take a break between my meetings but GetTilo app I can make the space in my agenda. It is super easy to use and the sessions are adapted to my needs. Now I feel energized and calm to continue the rest of my day.
Communications specialist

Help your team drive down their stress level

Privacy & Data Protection


GetTilo is SSL-certified and operates exclusively via SSL-encrypted connections to ensure maximum data security.


Data protection

GetTilo servers are located within Germany. Your data will be stored securely in computer centres with the highest industry standards.