Our partners

Throughout our partners, users can access sessions with certified professionals to improve their wellbeing


Through nilo.health we allow our users to count with 1:1 counselling sessions.

About Nilo.Health

Nilo.health goal is to break down barriers to mental health support, and empower people to proactively work on their mental well-being. We believe that people enjoy their lives both in and outside of work when mental health is understood, taken seriously, and championed.


Therapists are chosen according to the employee’s needs and preferences. From private to work-related, preventative to acute, no subject is off the table. For maximum flexibility, nilo.sessions take place via video or phone.

ADP list

Through ADP List we help our Design and UX users to find suitable mentors to support them with specific situations.

About ADP List

ADP List is a global community based on making genuine connections — a platform where people can find, book and meet mentors around the world!


ADP List was born as a means for designers to provide peer support, share career opportunities and offer mentorship, has organically grown into a platform featuring 2,500 mentors who are providing more than 5,000 booked sessions a month. 

Mentoring Club

Through The Mentoring Club we help our users to find suitable mentors to support them with specific situations.

About The Mentoring Club

The Mentoring Club provides free mentoring for engineering and product enthusiasts, marketing & communication managers, designers, people managers, startup founders and creative minds.


The online network already connects over 450 mentors from around the world with those who are keen to learn, grow and advance in their personal development.

mYani Logo

Through mYani we provide micro-rest sessions with trained professionals.

About mYani

mYani believes that practising with like-minded people is motivating and inspiring! Their short sessions are specifically designed to improve well-being at work.


mYani’s teachers are experienced professionals who cater to a digital-first experience. Their teachers, coaches and licensed counsellors are equipped and skilled to provide the best experience in classes fully remote.